Technical Bulletin 2013


Strategic long-term research into hydrodynamics continued this year using the BV sea-keeping software HydroStar. Several new features were added, while overall computational efficiency was improved. The number of users worldwide continues to grow, ensuring that HydroStar retains its market-leading role.

International co-operation is of vital importance to the research and development activities of BV’s hydrodynamic team. In 2013, we actively participated in a number of different JIPs, the results of some of which have been published jointly with CSBC Corporation Taiwan, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Dalian Technology University and Petrobras R&D Centre. The subjects covered included second-order QTFs, FLNG systems, water column motion in the large turret of FPSOs, and sea-keeping-sloshing coupling in containerships for sea trial purposes. In addition, a variety of more theoretical work was undertaken, including Green shipping initiatives.


articles authors

A Comparison of different approximations for computation of second order roll motions for a FLNG

F. Rezende, A. C. de Oliveira, X.-B. Chen & F.  Menezes

A Practical O(Dw) approximation of low frequency wave loads

Ch. Monroy, G. de Hauteclocque & X.-B. Chen

Hydrodynamic issues of FLNG systems

X.-B. Chen, L. Diebold & G. de-Hautecloque

The Dynamic effects of water column inside the turret of an FPSO

F. Rezende, N. A. M. Neumann & M. Gundelach

Evaluation of time-domain capillary-gravity green function 

G. de Hauteclocque, F. C. Rezende, O. Waals & X.-B. Chen

Analysis of dissipation introduction 

X. B. Chen, F. Dias & W. Y. Duan

Dissipation around rolling boxes 

 L. Lu, X. B. Chen, B. Teng, Y. Gou, S. Jiang & X. Guo

Analytical solutions to diffraction of concentric porous cylinder system with cylinder hull of varying porosity

H. X. Liu, W. Y. Duan & X. B. Chen