Hydrodynamics and hydro-structure
Technical Bulletin 2009


The eleven papers in this section are proof of Bureau Veritas’ world leading knowledge in these key areas. The papers bring new understanding of coupling, sloshing and elasticity of floating units. The interaction between elastic structures and non-uniform forces in fluids is examined and practical aspects such as installation of a large subsea package are covered.



Full scale experiments and new methodology to assess the structural behaviour of a membrane LNGC containment system under breaking waves : Project “SLOSHEL”

Šime Malenica, Zoran Mravak, Pierre Besse, Miroslaw Lech Kaminski, Hannes Bogaert

Efficient computations of second-order low-frequency wave load

Xiao-Bo Chen & Flavia Rezende

Wave kinematics and seakeeping calculations with vaying bathymetry

Guillaume de Hauteclocque, Flavia Rezende, Yann Giorgiutti, Xiao-Bo Chen

Some aspects of hydro-structure coupling for combined action of seakeeping and sloshing

Sime Malenica,  François-Xavier Sireta, Fabien Bigot, Chao Wang, Xiao-Bo Chen

Elastic response of vertical wall to aerated fluid impact

Ten and A. Korobkin

Combined Semi-analytical and Finite Element Approach for Hydro Structure Interactions during Sloshing Impacts - " Sloshel Project"

Malenica S., Korobkin A.A., Ten I. , Gazzola T, Mravak Z., De-Lauzon J. & Scolan Y.M

Application of the Seakeeping / Sloshing Coupling for the LNG Terminal

Nicolas Moirod. Eric Baudin, Jacqueline Henry, Louis Diebold & Mirela Zalar

Time-harmonic ship waves with the effect of surface tension and fluid viscosity

X.B. Chen & D.Q. Lu

Interaction of elastic structure with non-uniformly aerated Fluid

Ten I., Korobkin A.

Linear springing model–comparisons of different numerical models numerical models

Yooil Kim, Yonghwan Kim, Sime Malenica, Fabien Bigot and Ivo Senjanovic

Installation of large subsea package

François Pétrié, Benjamin Rousse, Christophe Ricbourg, Bernard Molin, Guillaume de Hauteclocque