Offshore engineering and mooring

Technical Bulletin 2007


Designing large floating structures for extended service on site is a major challenge for offshore engineers. Based on the experience gained in the classification of several FPSOs over the previous years, added technical value and support to project management is discussed. Moreover, two papers in this section examine the impact on the design of real units of advanced hydrodynamic analysis and of new methods for response modelling to multi-variate metocean conditions.


articles authors

How to Maximize the Benefit of Classification of a FPSO

P. Biasotto & U. Frorup

Advanced Hydrodynamic Analysis of LNG Terminals

X. B. Chen, F. Rezende, S. Malenica & J. R. Fournier

Multi-variate I-FORM contours for the design of offshore structures (Practical methodology and application to a West Africa FPSO)

M. François, C. Camps, J. Alvarez, V. Quiniou