Technical Bulletin 2005

This section brings together fourteen papers which shine a new light into specific areas of hydrodynamics.


The papers focus on the external loads which waves generate for ship and offshore structures, and on a detailed analysis of the hydrodynamic effects of interaction between structures and components of structures.

A deep understanding of the loads generated within large LNG tanks is vital to developing safe and practical partial filling solutions. Bureau Veritas is a world leader in this area and papers here explain the high level of computation and modelling which underpin LNG innovation.

Sea keeping and managing green water depend on understanding the high transient loads and accelerations generated, and new research in these areas forms the core of the sea keeping papers collected here.



Accurate computation of second-order low-frequency loads

X.B. Chen, W.Y. Duan & Y.S. Dai

Computation of low-frequency loads by the middle-field formulation

X.B. Chen, W.Y. Duan & Y.S. Dai

Design Issues for Connecting Two Floating Structures

D. L'Hostis, C. Morandini & J.M. Orozco

Evaluation of wave and current loads on offloading FPSO's

X.B. Chen, S. Malenica & J.M. Orozco

Hydrodynamic analysis for offshore LNG Terminals

X.B. Chen

Interaction hydrodynamique d'un ensemble de flotteurs sur la surface libre

X.B. Chen & S. Malenica

Modified logvinovich model for hydrodynamic loads on asymetric contours entering water

S. Malenica & A.A. Korobkin

Partial Filling of Membrane Type LNG Carriers

P. Besse, P. Cambos, B. Le Gallo, Z. Mravak & M. Zalar

Operating Guidance for Membrane Type LNG in Partial filling Condition

M. Zalar

Some aspects of multibody interactions in seakeeping

X.B. Chen, S. Malenica & J.M. Orozco

Some aspects of seakeeping of the floating body with attached pendulum

X.B. Chen, S. Malenica & J.M. Orozco

Three-dimensional wagner problem using variationnal inequalities

T. Gazzole, A. Korobkin, S. Malenica & Y.M. Scolan

Wave component of free-surface green function

X.B. Chen

Les vagues scélérates, un phénomène réel mais toujours mal connu

Barthelemy, M. Huther & A. Vauzelle