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Bureau Veritas releases its annual Marine & Offshore Business Review

Apr. 14 2020

In our Marine & Offshore Business Review, we look back at 2019 - a year of solid performance and growth for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore. The Bureau Veritas classed fleet reached 11.400 vessels, with 440 vessels joining, representing a rich mix of ship types with sophisticated and advanced designs.

The classification of LNG fueled ships, new LNG bunkering ships, and offshore wind support vessels are examples of the application of our expertise to support a more sustainable world. In 2019, we continued the digital transformation of our business. We made significant progress in helping the maritime & offshore industry respond to the challenges ahead.

Today, Digital Classification is helping keep the global supply chains safe as the world strives to deal with the impact of COVID-19. Thanks to our recent digital initiatives, such as remote surveys, we have been able to continue operating and supporting our clients. Although we cannot know the full consequences of this crisis, we will continue to make safety our absolute priority.

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Matthieu de Tugny, Executive Vice President, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore
de Tugny


Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

We have been helping keep society safe since 1828 and we will continue to help shape the world we need now, more than ever – a world of trust. Our latest Business Review provides some insight into our activities and how we have been preparing for the future.