Jun. 1 2018

Bureau Veritas’ acquisition of Maritime Assurance and Consulting (MAC) in 2016 reinforced our offshore marine assurance and consulting capabilities, particularly in dynamic positioning and marine warranty services.

Since then, hundreds of man-years of transferrable skills and experience in offshore oil and gas have been leveraged to support the global marine renewables business.

In the United States, the first commercial offshore wind farm – Deepwater Wind’s 30-MW Block Island project – was installed in late 2016. Future large-scale deployments in the region, however, will be influenced by factors such as the country’s Jones Act restrictions on non-US flagged vessels. Furthermore, the current lack of specialized installation and service vessels could create additional issues with an impact on the safety and efficiency of offshore wind operations.

US offshore vessels designed for the oil and gas market will require significant modification prior to service in large-scale wind farm deployment. Alternatively, new industry-specific vessels will need to be US-built, flagged and crewed to meet Jones Act stipulations. MAC’s highly experienced engineering team can provide independent expert advice to vessel owners and operators, as well as project developers.

MAC is also a recognized expert in the provision of marine warranty surveys. This encompasses reviewing, approving and witnessing procedures to ensure marine activities are carried out in accordance with recognized standards, and that the requirements and interests of the project insurance underwriters are maintained. With a global team of over 60 experts and contract personnel, MAC is ideally positioned to help clients minimize risks in marine renewables operations, anywhere in the world.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock Patrick Kosmider