Technical bulletin 2014

Keeping ships and offshore units safe in a fast-changing world demands the constant updating of design tools, rules and methodologies. This requires a constant effort in research and development across multiple disciplines interacting with shipping and offshore industry: hydrodynamics, structure integrity, energy efficiency, statistics and risk analysis.

Bureau Veritas is proud of its leading role as a technical innovator and it devotes a substantial amount of resources in maintaining a very high level of technical expertise. This 2014 edition of Technical Bulletin is a unique resource of technical papers delivered by Bureau Veritas experts over the previous year.

Long-term developments in hydrodynamics, hydro-structure interactions, mooring analysis and sloshing continue to form the major part of BV’s research activities. These research works, performed in cooperation with industrial or academic partners, enables us to continuously upgrade and validate our tools HydroStar, Homer and Ariane with new cutting-edge formulations. Many examples of innovative tools are given in the following papers.

Bureau Veritas always makes every effort to use the results of its R&D activities in practical applications. This is the main objective of all BV research: produce accurate tools and methodologies to improve the quality of our rules, and help our experts to propose new high-quality services and to perform advanced computations for the classification of complex units