Technical bulletin 2012

Welcome to this edition of the Technical Bulletin, a unique resource of technical papers delivered by experts from Bureau Veritas during 2012.

It is divided into four sections, grouping the papers under Hydrodynamics, Hydro-structure interactions, Design & verification methodologies and Ship energy efficiency.

Long-term developments in Hydrodynamics and Hydro-structure interactions continue to form a major part of the research due to their crucial importance in the evaluation of design integrity. Along with the fundamental development of tools and methods, a great deal of effort is devoted to developing rational methodologies involving the direct calculation approach. The latter is being increasingly recommended for both general offshore and naval applications since it provides a more realistic simulation of structural lifetime. Today, Bureau Veritas is widely recognized as a global leader in this field, and BV’s Hydrostar & Homer tools are central to the evolution of existing practice.

In addition to core research relating to hydrodynamics, ongoing research has also been undertaken into sloshing, ice structure interactions and mooring, leading to significant improvements to existing tools and methodologies.

Finally, an increased level of research activities relating to safety and energy efficiency confirms BV’s commitment to contributing to an overall decline in environmental pollution by increasing the energy efficiency of new designs.