Technical Bulletin 2009


Seven of the thirteen papers in this section represent a major effort by BV to further knowledge in the
fields of structural behaviour in fatigue and the behaviour of cracks. There is a focus on the practical
application of this knowledge to structural assessments. Three papers deal with various structural
aspects in relation to the design and the operation of bulk carriers. Also, one paper shows how hull
system may be modelled hierarchically by use of Bayesian Probabilistic Networks which are used as
functions relating the reliabilities of the individual structural components of the system to the overall
system performance.



Strength assessment of membrane LNG tank structure based on direct calculation of structural response

Zoran Mravak, Jérôme de Lauzon, Yun-Suk Chung, Louis Diebold, Eric Baudin

Spectral fatigue for FPSO conversion

Vincent Bonniol, Bureau Veritas

Asset integrity management and optimal inspection planning in offshore and marine industries

Jean Goyet

Simulation of behavior of fatigue cracks : a complete industrial process on a typical connection in a FPSO (Longitudinal stiffener bracket on transverse web)

Michelle Serror & Nicolas Marchal

Fatigue assessment of typical details of VLGC

P. Cambos & C. Chauviere

Fracture Mechanics Applications on Sea-going Vessels

John E. Kokarakis, Robert K. Taylor

Predictor-corrector system for health monitoring of the hull structure of bulk carriers

J.E. Kokarakis, J. Goyet, G. de Jong, J-F. Segretain

Why Double Side Skin Bulk Carrier? – Study from a Strength Viewpoint

Vincent Hsu, Bor-Chau Chang and Hong-Chung Chen

A pratical assessment of existing bulk carrier local structural strength in relation to the allowable hold mass curves

K. Chatzitolios, G. De Jong, J. E. Kokarakis

Simulation of behavior of fatigue cracks : a complete industrial process on a typical connection in a FPSO (Side shell longitudinal stiffener)

Nicolas Marchal, Virginie Boutillier & Michelle Serror

Fatigue assessment of tubular welded connections with the structural stress approach

Fabien Conti, Laurent Verney, André Bignonnet

Constrained optimization of component reliabilities in complex systems

Kazuyoshi Nishijima, Marc A. Maes, Jean Goyet, Michael Havbro Faber

Multi-scale approach for crack initiation and propagation

D.Lebaillif, E.Petitpas, R.Paquet , M. Serror