Technical Bulletin 2006


Our structural research is focussed on developing a detailed understanding of the way structures behave under specific loads experienced in practice.

In this section you can find papers which focus on the reaction of structures in very large containerships, offshore units and vlccs to whipping, springing and fatigue loads.

There are also papers detailing the methods of inspecting these structures efficiently.


Articles Authors

Full scale wave and whipping induced hull girder loads

P.J. Aalberts & M.W. Nieuwenhuijs

Converted single hull F(P)SO challenges regarding inspection, repair and maintenance

G. Gourdet & P. Biasotto

Modelling strength degradation phenomena and inspections used for reliability assessment based on maintenance planning

Y. Gabatov, C. Guedes Soares, D. Ok, Y. Pu, C.M. Rizzo, E. Rizzuto, A. Rouhan & G. Parmentier

The logistical chain, linking short sea and inland waterways

M.W. Nieuwenhuijs, J.J. Juenet, C. Cornil, J.P. Jaunet & C. Andreau

Structural assessment of converted floating storage units

P. Biasotto & V. Bonniol

Hydroelastic wagner impact using variational inequalities

T. Gazzola, A. Korobkin & S. Malenica

Hydroelastic impacts in the tanks of LNG carriers

S. Malenica, A.A. Korobkin, Y.M. Scolan, R. Gueret, V. Delafosse, T. Gazzola, Z. Mravak, X.B. Chen & M. Zalar

Ultimate strength and reliability analysis of a VLCC

I.A. Khan, P.K. Das & G. Parmentier

Benefits of risks based inspection planning for offshore structures

D. Straub, J. Goyet, J.D. Sorensen & M.H. Faber

VeriSTAR Hull, un système intégré de suivi de l'état structurel des navires

M. Franco & M.W. Nieuwenhuijs