Technical Bulletin 2005

The three following papers in this section are dealing with different areas of structural fatigue.


First one presents developments of a fatigue module produced by Finet project. Fitnet project was aiming to disseminate methods and tools, on various failure modes, including fatigue, for fitness for purpose or fitness for service.

Second one presents an efficient tool, to calculate crack propagation, applicable to actual complex structures, such as ship structures, involving strong variations of stress concentration.

Last one deals with the sensitivity of offshore jacket structure fatigue to environmental effects, including marine growth effect. This paper proposes design factors taking into account these phenomena. Fatigue, following introduction of HTS and in a near future VHTS, in ship building and offshore building, becomes a critical design parameter. A deep understanding of fatigue is vital for development of safe structures in a competitive environment.

These papers reflect works carried out to control the different aspects of fatigue issues.



European fitness-For-Service Network (FITNET) - "Fatigue Module Development"

M. Huther, J-J. Janosch, M. Kocak, N. Taylor & S. Maddox

Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation: a complete industrial process compared with experiments on industrial welded structure

M. Huther, D. Lebaillif, N. Recho & M. Serror

Fatigue of Jacket Platforms: Effects of Marine Growth Modelling

M. Boukinda, C. Guillo, A. Rouhan & F. Schoefs