Mar. 3 2023

Class & statutory

SSE 9 - 27 February to 3 March 2023

SSE 9 approved a series of UIs and a new International Code of safety for diving operations for adoption at MSC 107. SSE 9 also approved amendments to the LSA Code / SOLAS Chapter II-2 / FSS Code for adoption at MSC 108. Interim guidelines on OPS service were considered for adoption at MSC 107.

The ninth session of the Sub-committee on Ship Systems and Equipment was held in person in London (27 February to 3 March 2023), with hybrid facilities allowing remote participation. 

SSE 9 approved

  • A new International Code of safety for diving operations, 2023, for adoption at MSC 107; 
  • Several amendments to the LSA Code, applicable to new or newly installed life-saving appliances, for adoption by MSC 108; 
  • Several amendments to SOLAS Chapter II-2 on Fire Protection and to the FSS Code, for adoption by MSC 108, applicable to new and existing ships; 
  • Interim guidelines on safe operation of onshore power supply (OPS) service in port for ships engaged on international voyages, for adoption by MSC 107; 
  • A series of Unified Interpretations related to SOLAS, the LSA Code, the 1994 and 2000 HSC Codes.