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Republic of Sri Lanka - Merchant Shipping Secretariat - Circular MSN 10/2016 - Annual Company Security Exercise

Apr. 15 2016

Circular MSN 10/2016 - Annual Company Security Exercise

Republic of Sri Lanka Merchant Shipping Secretariat (MMS) has issued Circular MSN 10/2016 related to Annual Company Security Exercise

In accordance with the ISPS code A/13.5, the company security officer (CSO) shall ensure the effective coordination and implementation of ship security plans by participating 
in exercises at appropriate intervals, taking into account the guidance given in part B of the ISPS Code. 

CSO should plan and conduct periodic security exercises to test the company’s procedures for responding to security alerts and incidents. 

Security exercise required to be carried out at least once each calendar year with no more than 18 months between exercises. 

Exercise participants may include the Flag Administration, Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) or coastal state authorities, Ship Security Officer (SSO), 
and the Company Security Officer (CSO). 

The Exercise should involve at least one vessel of the fleet. Operators with large fleets are encouraged to include additional vessels when conducting an 
exercise in order to provide an opportunity for a greater number of their officers to gain more experience and training. 

Company participation in an exercise with another Contracting Government will be recognized by the MSS. 

The CSO should review and evaluate the Master’s report and make his recommendations including lessons learned and improvements to the SSP. 

As documentary evidence of the exercise, the CSO will provide a summary of the exercise to vessels in the fleet. 

The MSS may want to participate in Company Security Exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of the Plan and the interaction of the Company Security Officer with the Security Plan.