Dec. 15 2021

Class and Statutory News

Report of MEPC 77 - 22 to 26 November 2021

The reaction of the IMO in the aftermath of COP 26 was particularly watched. Despite the delay to further meetings of the strengthening of the IMO’s objective and of various proposals on mid-trem measures, certain success were gained.

The reaction of the IMO in the aftermath of COP 26 was particularly watched and a resolution, providing for a net-zero objective in 2050, and no longer a reduction of 50%, could give the Organization the opportunity to deliver the signal expected. But the Member states, for sometimes divergent reasons, preferred to postpone consideration of this resolution to 2023, when the initial GHG strategy was revised, and to focus on the mid-term measures projects put on the table during of the last meetings of the organization.

 However, after much discussion, the detailed consideration of these measures was referred to ISWG-GHG 12 and MEPC 78.


In the absence of a strong political signal, some progress has been made, for example the adoption of a non-binding resolution requiring the limitation of black carbon emissions in the Arctic zone, or the approval of Guidance on treatment of innovative energy efficiency technologies for calculation and verification of the attained EEDI and EEXI

 Note also the adoption of 2021 Guidelines for exhaust gas cleaning systems and Strategy to address marine plastic litter from ships, as well as that of Model agreement for the authorization of recognized organizations acting on behalf of the Administration.