RealTide sheds light on barriers to tidal power

Nov. 4 2021

After 45 months, RealTide has reached a successful conclusion. Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore played an instrumental role in the research project, which has addressed barriers around the adoption of tidal power as a viable alternative energy.

Harnessing the power of the ocean to fulfill our future renewable energy needs seems simple enough on paper, but the reality is far more complex.

Since 2018, RealTide has investigated issues of high energy costs and reliability of tidal monitors, while searching for solutions to improve knowledge and designs and advance monitoring technology. This consisted of investigating the main failure causes of tidal turbines at sea and recommending design changes for key components to adapt them to complex environmental tidal conditions.


CADP Final Assembly

RealTide provided a unique opportunity for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore to build upon our expertise in tidal energy through collaboration with prominent renewable energy and marine researchers. Twenty of the 31 reports produced over the course of the project are publicly available on its website. Topics range from guidelines for developing tidal turbine reliability databases, to a generalized tide-to-wire model, and business case studies.

Partnering with Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore on the project were BV Solutions M&O, the IFREMER, EnerOcean S.L., the University of Edinburgh, 1-Tech, Ingeteam Power Technology S.A., and Sabella

realtide collaborators

RealTide Team