Dec. 21 2021

Class and Statutory News

Poseidon Principles Annual Disclosure report 2021

Global Maritime Forum has published the annual report on the results of the Poseidon Principles.


 According to the report, 11 of the 23 ship finance portfolios are aligned with the IMO decarbonisation target, or 48% of signatories, up from 20% in 2020.

 The initiative now has 29 signatories, covering over 50% of global vessel funding. This number is expected to continue to increase.

 The balance sheet of each signatory includes emissions data collected from borrowers and information on the portfolio at the end of 2020, in relation to a decarbonisation trajectory for the same year.

 The impact of Covid-19 on international shipping has resulted in relatively large changes in the carbon intensity of certain segments, primarily cruise and passenger ships, with their prolonged immobilization resulting in an increase in their carbon intensity.

 The report also highlights the important role of ROs:

“We recognize the important role that classification societies and other IMO-Recognized Organizations (“RO”) play in providing unbiased information to the industry and the mandatory regulation established by the IMO for the data collection and reporting of fuel oil consumption from ships, (the “IMO DCS”). We will rely on such entities and mandatory regulations as explicitly identified in the Technical Guidance for the provision of information used to assess and report on climate alignment.”