veristar green


New VeriSTAR Green functionalities help shipowners efficiently calculate carbon indexes

Oct. 8 2021

Now with added functionalities, Bureau Veritas’ VeriSTAR Green calculation tool is helping shipowners achieve and maintain a path toward compliance with IMO carbon indexes.

On January 1, 2023, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) puts into effect its new Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and its Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). To aid shipowners in calculating their carbon emissions, Bureau Veritas launched VeriSTAR Green in June 2021.

A recent update to this free web platform now enables shipowners to automatically calculate their attained EEXI values. A shipowner can input their ship data and VeriSTAR Green will calculate their EEXI, comparing it to the required EEXI to determine whether they comply with new emissions standards.

Further updates are in the works. After IMO’s MEPC 77 in November 2021, the tool will also provide CII support based on the IMO meeting’s direction. The CII is based on fuel consumption data over time, so VeriSTAR Green will enable users to upload their data and calculate their CII to determine compliance.

“The VeriSTAR Green interface provides an easy way to contact our technical experts and request quotes,” adds Benjamin Lechaptois, Sustainability Strategy Leader at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore. “Users will also have access to an important resource: our white paper, which fully explains EEXI and other indexes that are relevant to new IMO emissions targets.”