Jun. 17 2020

Class and Statutory News

New edition Inland Rule NR 544

Equipment and materials certification requirements for the classification of inland navigation vessels/units (Edition June 2020)

We are pleased to inform that a new version of our Inland Rule Note NR544 has been issued.

 This Rule Note summarizes the certification requirements for materials and equipment covered by the Class fitted onboard inland vessels. The document has been updated according to the last edition of our Inland Rules for the classification of inland navigation vessels NR217 edition February 2019.

 The requirements for survey of materials and equipment at works applicable to inland vessels with respect to the character of construction assigned and the intended use are summarized in specific tables included in the relevant sections of this Rule Note NR544.

 The pdf version of the rules can be downloaded on our BV-M&O web site (link): https://marine-offshore.bureauveritas.com/nr544-equipment-and-materials-certification-requirements-classification-inland-navigation