Dec. 21 2021

Class and Statutory News

New BIMCO clause on EEXI : Transition Clause for Time Charter Parties 2021

BIMCO has published a clause on the relationship between owner and charterer about EEXI compliance

Commercial relationship between owners and charterers needs to adapt to comply with the new regulation proceeding from EEXI and CII regulation at IMO level, and also ETS at EU one.

 BIMCO has been developing a series of "carbon clauses", whose first one on EEXI has been published some days ago.

 The Clause is designed for Engine Power Limitation (EPL) and Shaft Power Limitation (SHAPOLI) methods which are the major solutions to comply with new MARPOL Annex VI requirements.

 Clauses for emissions trading systems (ETS) should be published next January.