Class and Statutory News

NETHERLANDS - Areas of special attention - Updated

Jan. 11 2016

The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate has issued the below attached updated version of the Areas of special attention. 

This document informs shipbuilders, shipowners, crewmembers and recognised organisations (classification societies) about additional or more stringent requirements and interpretations of the Netherlands flag Administration in relation to the International Conventions of the United Nations, International Maritime Organisation, International Labour Organisation and European legislation (regulations and directives). 
It comprises both requirements and interpretations of certain regulations which are more stringent, where experience shows that discussion is raised, requirements are misinterpreted or even forgotten. 

The update comprises amendments for ships not falling under the scope of the international conventions, about asbestos, air pipes, environment, accommodation of ships, as well as several new instructions and interpretations and amendments of other legislation. 

This message cancels and replaces the #1530 one dated 22nd November 2012, according to the updated version of the Areas for special attention.