Dec. 16 2022

Class and Statutory News

MEPC 79 - 12 to 16 December 2022

MEPC 79 adopted amendments to MARPOL regarding the designation of an ECA for the Mediterranean Sea, mandatory garbage record books for 100 GT ships and Fuel flashpoint in the BDN. MEPC 79 also revised EEDI Guidelines and progressed on the IMO GHG Strategy, mid-term measures, LCA Guidelines

The Marine Environment Protection Committee was held in person in London (12-16 December 2022) with hybrid facilities allowing remote participation. 

MEPC 79 adopted amendments to MARPOL Convention on the following matters: 

  • Designation of the Mediterranean Sea as an Emission Control Area for Sulphur Oxides and particulate matter
  • Mandatory garbage record books for smaller ships (100 GT)
  • Fuel flashpoint to be included in the Bunker delivery note (BDN)
  • Information to be submitted to the IMO Ship Fuel Oil Consumption Database

 MEPC 79 also: 

  • adopted Revised and consolidated versions of the EEDI Calculation Guidelines and the EEDI Survey Guidelines for new ships
  • approved new and modified Unified Interpretations to MARPOL Annex VI, in circular 1/Circ.795/Rev.7

 MEPC 79 progressed on the following: 

  • IMO GHG Strategy
    • Revision of the initial IMO GHG Strategy and development of mid-term measures
    • Development of Lifecycle GHG assessment guidelines 
  • Revision of the IMO DCS