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MCA - Guidance for measures to prevent fires in Engine Rooms and Cargo Pump Rooms 

Nov. 28 2018

Consolidated guidance on the prevention of fires in Engine Rooms, Cargo Pump Rooms and other high fire risk spaces. 

Convention :SOLAS CH II-2 Fire

Flag : United Kingdom

Ship type : ALL TYPES

MCA has published this Marine Information Note to bring MSC.1/Circ.1321 to the attention of the Maritime Community.

IMO MSC Circular 1321 consolidates guidance on the measures to prevent fires in Engine Rooms and Cargo Pump rooms and is based on present engineering and shipbuilding technology, including resolutions, circulars and other IMO documentation.

Guidance is given on design, system installation and operation including inspection and maintenance of systems.

Particular attention is drawn to Part III, Chapter 1 of the guidance, which outlines measures which lead to fuel pipe failure and how this can be prevented.

Section 1.5 clearly outlines the need for the ship safety management system to contain procedures to identify vibration, fatigue, defects and poor fitting of the system, as well as ensuring protection of hot surfaces is maintained. Further to this the importance of inspecting components of the fuel system is highlighted in section 1.5.2.

This Marine Information Note is attached below for further information