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MARSHALL ISLANDS - Vessels with inoperable BWM Systems

Mar. 1 2018

MARSHALL ISLANDS - Vessels with inoperable BWM Systems

The Maritime Administrator of Marshall Islands informs of the following: 

"The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has issued CG-CVC Policy Letter 18-02 that gives 
guidance on evaluating potential courses of action when a vessel destined for a U.S. port has an 
inoperable ballast water management system (BWMS). Particular attention should be given to the 
fact that the USCG advises its field units that ships should not receive special consideration for 
inoperable BWMS manufactured by a company that had filed for protection under bankruptcy 

The Policy Letter applies to ships using a USCG approved BWMS or a BWMS accepted by the 
Coast Guard as an Alternate Management System. It does not address situations where the 
inoperable BWMS is the result of an emergency situation caused by weather, vessel casualty, 
flooding, etc." 

Please find enclosed for your information the MSA No.05-18 and the Guidelines issued by USCG