Class and Statutory News


Dec. 21 2016

Failures reported in the cooling jackets of MAN B&W MC-C engines

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Administrator (the “Administrator”) has issued the following attached Marine Safety Advisory (MSA) which relays the Marine Safety Alert 17-16 from USCG.

Several vessels have reported failures in the cooling jackets of MAN B&W MC-C engines, on which cracks have occurred around the bolt holes of the cooling jackets. 

These failures have triggered the following sequence of events:

. A loss of the engine cooling water

. Overheating of the cylinder cover

. An automatic slow-down of the engine

. An unintended loss or reduction in the vessel’s propulsion and maneuverability

As a result, vessels have been grounded or have had collisions while at sea or maneuvering.

The Marine Safety Advisory is attached below for further information