Class and Statutory News


May. 1 2019


A Working Group for Passenger Vessels (CESNI/PT-Pax) has been created to examine the difficulties encountered in implementing current Chapter 19 of ES-TRIN; there are 90 topics to be analyzed. For each topic the Working Group will propose – when necessary - either an amendment or an entry in the database.

During the 3rd Meeting of the Working Group for Passenger Vessels (CESNI/PT-Pax) on April 02-03, the following topics were examined:

a) Stability issues

A discussion was initiated about the need for changes to the stability rules for small passenger vessels (less than 25 m and less than 50 or 150 passengers)

b) Fire protection

Fire protection for Aluminum and GRP vessels is to be analyzed further. Questions about muster areas and evacuation areas were introduced. Some clarification has been provided about fire bulkheads around the galleys and storerooms; other rooms, such as battery rooms and electrical service rooms, were also taken into account.

c) Safe area for catamarans

“Safety rotas”, “persons with reduced mobility” and “staircases” are among the items included on the agenda for the next meeting in September 2019.