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Bureau Veritas Grants Type Approval Certification to Survitec MES

Jan. 18 2023


Shaping a better maritime world necessarily involves creating a safer maritime world. The global survival technology solutions provider Survitec is dedicated to ensuring the safety of passengers and crew aboard shipping vessels. Their latest Marine Evacuation System “Life Ark” aims to continue the brand’s lasting tradition in top-of-the-line marine safety.

Life Ark was developed for vessels with passenger capacities ranging from 300 to 1,500 with a maximum freeboard height of 23 meters. The device was designed with “passenger experience in mind,” to ensure a “safe, rapid and intuitive descent for all ages and abilities with no restrictions on passenger size.” Crewmembers can also ascend the slide to grant further assistance if necessary.

Just as integral to equipment safety is equipment certification from an industry leader. Survitec called on Bureau Veritas to certify the new technology. Upon receiving of full-type approval from Bureau Veritas, Survitec AES and MES Product Manager Richard McCormick stated, “Bureau Veritas Type Approval means that the smaller passenger vessel segment can now benefit from the same revolutionary helical slide-based MES used in the larger cruise ship segment.”

Additional features include fully enclosed single and double helical slide options in an asymmetric arrangement. Life Ark contains self-righting approved life rafts for 50, 100, and 150 persons, with SOLAS A, B, and HSC emergency packs. Inflation takes around 60 seconds and minimal crew interaction is needed. In addition, multiple buoyancy compartments provide stability and safety during challenging sea conditions.

Andreas Ullrich, Global Market Leader, Passenger Ships at Bureau Veritas

Global Market Leader for Passenger Ships & Ferries

Bureau Veritas M&O

Marine Evacuation Systems have been proven as a safe and reliable means of survival and Survitec is one of the pioneers having developed such systems. BV is proud to have been chosen as a partner for the new Life Ark and has recently issued a MED TA certificate for the new system.