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Bureau Veritas advances the survey request process with Optimum Survey Planning 

May. 15 2019
  • Bureau Veritas continues to develop its end-to-end digital platforms with the release of Optimum Survey Planning (OSP)
  • The release follows completion of trials with shipowners and shipmanagers to provide a digital survey planning tool to ensure delivery of the right survey at the right time - in the best place - and at the best price

Paris-La Défense, France, May 15th 2019 – With the release of Optimum Survey Planning (OSP) Bureau Veritas continues to develop more efficient tools to support classification and statutory surveys and audits.   

The new application moves planning of surveys from a reactive to a proactive approach, providing a recommendation of the most convenient date and place to perform the needed surveys. This increases efficiency and convenience for the managers of ships requiring surveys – saving time, money and reducing any impact on ship operations.

The application is embedded within VeriStar Info, BV’s client portal, and is available on both desktop and mobile versions. 

The benefits of OSP include:

  • Proactive notification of optimized survey times and locations to ensure that the proposal includes availability of appropriate surveyor expertise where and when needed
  • An optimized survey and audit scope proposal
  • Visibility on the status of the request at any time, until the report is available
  • Additional information on the ports, including information on BV approved service suppliers in each port thanks to the direct link with the BV application, Approval Explorer
Optimum Survey Planning App - Press release

As part of this innovative approach, Bureau Veritas is working with CLS, a subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES), to forecast the ship routes as an alternative to manual ship route booking by the client itself, making the process even more efficient.


Vice-President Operational Excellence

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

This is not just about putting survey bookings online, this is about improving our services and making the classification experience easier with visibility, flexibility and control. We are continuing to work with leading technology partners, in this case CLS, to help us deliver leading solutions.