Class and Statutory News

BAHAMAS - Ballast Water Management Convention

Jan. 18 2016

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) has issued the following attached Technical Alert which concerns the Ballast Water Management convention. 

This Technical Alert provides information on the application dates for provisions of the convention to allow owners to plan for implementation. 

Taking IMO Assembly Resolution A.1088(28) into account, the BMA has received a number of requests to bring the IOPP renewal survey for some ships forward (i.e. to “de-harmonise” the IOPP renewal survey), in order to defer the date of compliance with the convention. 
Although the rationale behind this is understandable, the BMA strongly recommends that the harmonisation of all statutory certification be maintained. Therefore, if an owner wishes to complete the IOPP renewal survey early, it is strongly recommended that all other statutory renewal surveys should also be completed at the same time, including any associated docking survey. 
Where the IOPP renewal survey is completed early and de-harmonised with the remaining renewal surveys, it is recommended that the IOPP renewal be harmonised with the remaining renewal surveys at the earliest possible date. 
Where renewal surveys are completed more than 3 months before the expiry date of the existing statutory certificates, the new statutory certificates shall be valid for 5 years and harmonised with the date of completion of the last renewal survey to be completed. 
In all cases where the owner wishes to complete the IOPP renewal survey early, the Recognised Organisation (Class) shall advise the BMA.