Jan. 4 2023

Class & statutory

ADN 2023

The ADN 2023 has entered into force on 01.01.2023 and with minor amendments.

On the 1st of January the 2023 version of ADN has entered in force.

The consolidated French and English versions of ADN 2023 (Volumes I and II) can be downloaded from the website of UNECE:





A German version is available on:



The main amendments are the following:

  1. Several definitions (1.2.1) have been amended or are new;
  2. A ‘List of abbreviations’ has been included in a new section 1.2.3.;
  3. Explanations concerning Table C ( amendment on column (20), remark 33, paragraph (n) subparagraph .1;
  4. Chapter 3.2, Table C amendments for UN No. 1010, for identification No. 9004, and new entries UN1288;
  5. Amendments for the Models of Certificate of approval (dry cargo vessels) (;;
  6. Additional prescriptions for the ‘Permanently installed fire-extinguishing systems for protecting objects’ (; 9.3.x.40.2.16);
  7. A revised table for the use of wood, aluminium alloys, plastic materials or rubber in the cargo area (; 9.3.x.0).