SEENEOH -  tidal & river turbines


Jun. 1 2018

Bureau Veritas participates actively in the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) Technical Committee TC114 for the development of international technical specifications in IEC62600 series for wave, tidal and other water energy converters.

As Bureau Veritas is the chairman of the French mirror committees for standards & certification scheme development, we have as well the responsibility of assisting french companies in implementing those developments for their local industry.

Thus, two years ago, Bureau Veritas worked together with SEENEOH to adapt the IEC requirements related to power performance assessment of tidal & river turbines to the specificities of its estuarine test site. The result was an adaptation of the technical specification IEC TS 62600-200:2013 initially made for tidal turbines. Adapation provides now a methodology for evaluating power performance of turbines to be tested in SEENEOH in line with current and future IEC requirements.

SEENEOH is an estuarine tidal test site for full-scale river and intermediate-scale ocean tidal devices, located upstream on the Gironde estuary. Its strategic position close to the center of Bordeaux offers easy access for test monitoring and turbine maintenance and reduces machine deployment costs.

The adaptation of this technical specification aims at providing SEENEOH with a competitive advantage by proposing a power curve certification based on a solid procedure, in addition to all the expert services SEENEOH offers in its package. With Bureau Veritas’ support, SEENEOH is hoping to achieve the world’s first power curve certification for its clients' machines in 2018.

Photo Credit: Seeneoh