May. 1 2019

Bureau Veritas Solutions M&O offers the ultimate in digital twin technology to ensure you stay way ahead of the competition.

Business is in a hurry. The right data is needed, right now.  Veristar AIM3D is Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore’s revolutionary system that provides an accurate, four-dimensional, “as is” picture of your asset’s condition. With Twintelligence™, information is available at all times, from any platform or device.

Veristar AIM3D does not just deliver advances in asset integrity management. Bureau Veritas Solutions – Marine & Offshore provides both the digital twin technology and its associated services, which apply across a variety of verticals, providing insight with regards to both Performance Assurance and Integrity Assurance. Veristar AIM3D provides visual insights that are accessible anytime, anywhere, helping users balance the needs of both performance and integrity assurance.

Through Veristar AIM3D, you can view an exact digital replica – a twin – of your asset, showing it exactly as it is, wherever it is. This allows asset owners and operators to make better, faster, more informed decisions regarding performance and integrity, helping you gain competitive advantage and improving your ROI. 

This is where insight and foresight meet analysis. This is a serious, technologically sophisticated business tool, the most intelligent digital twin solution on the market. This is the future of performance and integrity assurance. This is Twintelligence™.