Egina FPSO and its 3D model - Total / Bureau Veritas


May. 1 2018

3D Digital Twin technology is quickly becoming the standard for Bureau Veritas in managing an industrial unit’s lifecycle throughout its operational phase, from conception to decommissioning.

The 3D Digital Twin optimizes collaboration and enables easy data access: its innovative three-dimensional component offers quick, intuitive visualization, helping users to tackle issues and rapidly make the right decision.

Bureau Veritas is well-positioned to ensure the 3D Digital Twin’s upkeep as well as its compatibility with the real unit. And it’s also an excellent opportunity for Bureau Veritas to better serve clients while adding value to its core Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) business. To do so, Bureau Veritas is leveraging its Veristar AIM3D platform to ensure that safety, integrity, compliance and overall performance are maintained and even improved upon.

Veristar AIM3D enables the construction of an intelligent 3D Digital Twin—even for units that do not have an existing CAD/CAM model—integrating past findings and known measurements. In this manner, materials, scantlings, dimensions, and main equipment characteristics can be tracked. Additionally, the platform can export numerical analyses such as strength, fatigue or vibration assessment.

Dedicated workpack documents are rendered obsolete, as the solution enables the detailed preparation of scope of work for each physical intervention on the unit, directly transmitting it to the team on an offline 3D model. Using this model, findings and measurements can be introduced directly at the item/component level, eliminating the need to draft an inspection report.

The data is then automatically digested by the solution, updating the Digital Twin right where the findings were reported. Automatic anomaly tracking—including corrective action management—is part of the default features of the solution.

All of this provides the integrity management teams with a fast, fluid flow of information, helping them to decide where to dedicate resources to optimize inspection, maintenance and repair costs, without compromising safety or performance.

Finally, as Veristar AIM3D enables continuous condition assessment, clients have all the information they need to assess whether to extend an asset’s life or decommission it. And if owners choose to sell an asset, potential purchasers can assess an asset’s condition by reviewing its full maintenance history.

Photo Credit: Total / Bureau Veritas