Praxis tool helps generate and maintain IHM


Sep. 4 2018

Shipyards, vessel owners and operators will soon be responsible for developing, certifying and maintaining an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) to accompany the ship throughout its life. To support its clients in preparing IHMs, Bureau Veritas is creating a new digital IHM compliance and reporting tool.


Named Praxis, the user-friendly application will help IHM experts, surveyors, shipyards and ship owners in the IHM process and validation. It encompasses the development, laboratory analysis reporting, and verification, as well as maintenance and client communication regarding IHM related updates.

With a first version due out in August and intended for IHM experts, the mobile app’s functionalities will include the creation of inspections and on-board checking/tagging/sampling, report generation, and Neptune connection for automatic collection of ship data. A V2 is also scheduled for October with upgrades including client access and laboratory reporting functions.