Dynamic subsea power cables for FOWT - France Energies Marine’s (FEM) OMbilicaux DYNamiques Phase 2 (OMDYN2)


Jun. 1 2018

In January, Bureau Veritas’ Subsea Umbilicals Risers, Flowlines & Jacket team took part in a kick-off meeting to launch France Energies Marine’s (FEM) OMbilicaux DYNamiques Phase 2 (OMDYN2). The three-year project focuses on dynamic subsea power cables for FOWT.

Dynamic subsea power cables are key enabling components in the development of FOWT farms. Relatively shallow waters combined with severe offshore weather conditions and vessel motions/offsets create significant dynamic loadings on the cables. The targeted voltage levels typically range from 33kV to 66kV for inter-array cables and up to 225kV for export cables linking commercial wind farms to the onshore electrical network.

Under tension and cycling bending loads, complex local behavior is observed in the power cores, tensile armors and fiber optics bundled together within polymer sheath. Furthermore, mechanical, electrical and thermal effects lead to long-term degradation mechanisms that we do not yet fully understand.

The OMDYN2 project’s main objectives are to: experimentally characterize the thermo-electro-mechanical behavior of dynamic power cables; develop numerical models for local cross-section analysis and lifetime prediction; address the issue of marine growth; and evaluate methods for monitoring cable integrity and fatigue life.

Other project partners are: EDF-EN, Naval Group, RTE, STX, Total, Ifremer and INNOSEA, as well as several universities (Centrale Nantes, Université de Nantes, ENSTA Bretagne).