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May. 1 2018

Cyber security is a major concern for the marine industry, with its rapidly growing fleet of connected ships.

Critical technology has demonstrated significant cybersecurity weaknesses. In addition, an increase in cyber incidents combined with a lack of insurance coverage for losses make the safeguarding of that information an imperative.

The good news is that operational technology infrastructure and connected equipment can be protected: through control of physical access to hardware, protection against harm from networks, data or code injection, and awareness training to avoid intentional malpractice by operators.

Bureau Veritas has developed a holistic approach to support its clients. In line with the cybersecurity framework developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, the three main action-based steps are: identify to protect; detect to mitigate; and recover to improve.

Two class notations support owners’ management of cyber risk. SW Registry focuses on software change management and enables recognition of compliance with IACS UR E22. SYS-COM is a voluntary notation aimed at preventing malicious cyber attacks through remote access, covering the exchange of data between ship and shore. Bureau Veritas is currently the only classification society to offer a notation for this key risk. Finally, NI 641- Guidelines for Autonomous Shipping goal-based recommendations is setting a minimum level of functionality of essential systems and guidance for improving system reliability.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock-sdecoret