A new emphasis on business agility

A new emphasis on business agility

Aug. 28 2020 - 4 min

Remote inspection is giving offshore operators the key ability to maintain business continuity in the face of constantly changing circumstances.

The past six months have thrown major challenges at the offshore industry, as a global health crisis and the collapse of oil prices have upended industry expectations. Despite mass remote-working and operational delays, offshore operators have had to maintain business continuity, keeping assets running safely and in compliance with regulations. To come out ahead, operators are prioritizing adaptability, and turning to business partners with an agile mindset.

Quickly applying remote technology

The beginning of 2020 saw operators around the world switching from onsite to remote inspection in unprecedented numbers. While remote inspection technologies have been available and in use for some time, offshore actors needed to work with partners who had the ability, experience and global footprint to step in quickly.

Thanks to Bureau Veritas’ expertise with remote technologies, we were able to offer guidance to clients and work with their internal teams to provide remote inspection and verification. Clients could choose the inspection option best suited to their location, teams and availability, having onshore and offshore personnel live-stream video to remote surveyors. Operators used technologies like Librestream, an augmented reality solution, and SightCall, a cloud platform for live visual support, to perform verification and offshore equipment inspection.

A major part of Bureau Veritas’ commitment to providing remote inspection and verification services is a program to establish remote service centers at key locations around the world. Seven centers have been created thus far in Singapore, Shanghai, Miami, Rotterdam, Piraeus, Istanbul and Dubai. This autumn, Bureau Veritas is looking to build an additional center in Aberdeen, with further centers being planned to enhance our global network.

Achieving business agility

The ability to adjust to new conditions has become the key to business continuity and success in this turbulent era. More than ever, offshore asset owners and operators are looking for partners who offer critical advantages, including:

  1. The ability to react quickly and adapt to changing circumstances
  2. Longstanding experience working with remote technologies
  3. Thorough mastery of the QHSE regulations surrounding remote technologies
  4. Global availability to meet inspection needs for assets worldwide

As remote inspection continues to advance and new guidelines are developed by regulatory bodies, there is no doubt that flexibility will be the name of the game. Bureau Veritas is helping clients by combining our trademark expertise with an adaptable approach to inspection and verification. This will enable offshore operators and managers to face the months ahead with confidence, knowing their assets will remain safe and compliant no matter the circumstances.