Mr.Toshiro Miyazaki, President & CEO MODEC receiving the AiP certificate from Matthieu de Tugny, COO Bureau Veritas.



Sep. 1 2018

Bureau Veritas combined its expertise in LNG shipping and FSRUs to assess the innovative concept design by MODEC for a floating storage, regasification, water-desalination and power-generation (FRSWP®) vessel. The new concept could provide clean energy and water faster and cheaper than current solutions.

MODEC developed three generic sizes of FSR-Power® solutions (FSRWP and FSR-Power are registered trademarks of MODEC, Inc.) ranging from 80MW to 1,000MW, with an FSRWP® concept ranging from 80 - 480 MW  and 50,000 to 300,000 m3 water/day. The vessel type and LNG cargo containment system differ depending on the size.

Bureau Veritas worked with MODEC to identify the potential incremental risk from the new features included in the concept compared to a standard FSRU or FPSO. Following a risk assessment, analysis was carried out on the concept’s technical feasibility. An Approval in Principle was then issued, and contributed to the definition of tasks to be undertaken by the developer in the project’s future development.

Experience gained on this, and other projects relating to units equipped with power generation systems has been used in the development of a new set of requirements and class notation: POWER-GEN.

MODEC notes that its Power and Water Solutions use LNG (or domestic gas) as a fuel source to provide power and water within 18 to 24 months of contract award. In addition, temporary power solutions can be provided within 60 to 90 days, making the concept faster, more economical and efficient than a conventional land-based solution.