Nov. 1 2018

Marine and Offshore exploration and development is on the rise in the Middle East, and MatthewsDaniel is perfectly equipped to help its clients in the region.

Present in this area since 1976, Matthews Daniel Middle East is manned by an experienced and dedicated team of Master Mariners, Naval Architects, Engineers and Specialist Surveyors.

Backed by MatthewsDaniel’s global headquarters in Houston, the team’s robust structures, systems and guidelines cover the entire rig moving and siting process. From Rig History Database, Geotechnical Studies, Location Approvals / Site Assessment and Program Preload to Training, Rig Mover Certification, Rig Move Warranty Attendance and Dry Transportation / SafeTrans, MatthewsDaniel Middle East can deliver any service its clients require.

The region is seeing new drilling units replace older, less efficient ones. Other units are being refurbished and upgraded before moving out of the Arabian Gulf. In addition, a diverse fleet of lift boats and jack-up barges is increasing in number throughout the region.

MatthewsDaniel experts regularly attend rig moves off Saudi Arabia’s coast, providing associated approval of drilling locations for MODUs, particularly for Saudi Aramco, the region’s largest player. The local rig market is relatively buoyant throughout the Arabian Gulf, especially off the coasts of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Qatar. Bahrain is also seeing a resurgence of exploration.

As Marine Warranty Surveyors, MatthewsDaniel Middle East attends onboard drilling units when they change locations. Acting as the underwriters’ eyes and ears, they add valuable services to the unit operator by highlighting areas where improvements can be made in both a practical, operational sense, and from a safety standpoint. In this way, MatthewsDaniel leverages its expertise and experience to go beyond contractual obligations, adding measurable value.