Lashing rules get refreshed - Safety first

Lashing rules get refreshed


Sep. 4 2018

In September 2018, Bureau Veritas is releasing updated lashing rules and software for containerships. This follows upgrades in the methodology and calculations of lashing loads. Results were validated on in-service containerships, of sizes ranging from 3,000 TEU to 20,600 TEU, by direct FE calculations.


Bureau Veritas’ advanced lashing methodology and calculation tools provide an accurate simulation of the complete lashing system. Hence the realistic structural behavior of all main components—twist locks, lashing devices, lashing bridge, etc.— can be considered.

Key to this update is that the elastic behavior of the lashing bridge is not represented by fixed displacements. Instead, equivalent reduced stiffness is considered for the lashing devices that are attached to the lashing bridge. This is an important aspect: in the absence of the above realistic approach, resulting lashing loads distribution may vary.