BVS launched


Nov. 1 2018

This October, Bureau Veritas launched Bureau Veritas Solutions – Marine & Offshore.

BV Solutions M&O experts offer technical advisory, asset management and assurance solutions to clients in Marine and Offshore markets seeking innovative ideas and added-value services.

By providing a customized, client-oriented approach, BV Solutions M&O can deliver tangible improvements to asset and business performance.

BV Solutions M&O uses a range of resources and expertise to provide solutions in four target areas. Its Engineering and Risk solutions provides offshore operators, yards and owners with innovative software and measurement capabilities. Asset Management services assure regulatory compliance is achieved throughout the process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets.

For Regulatory Solutions, BV Solutions M&O compliance experts ensure vessels and offshore units meet international maritime regulations regarding environmental performance and safety. Finally, BV Solutions M&O’s Assurance Solutions support fleet operations with unparalleled assurance services, including verification of vessel condition, regulatory guidance, defining risk management strategies and vessel reactivation.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge of marine and offshore markets, BV Solutions M&O can devise innovative solutions to clients’ most pressing concerns, including hull optimization, unit dismantling and environmental compliance. Veristar AIM3D, a state-of the-art asset integrity management system, allows BV Solutions M&O to create a digital twin of any asset, providing clients with a platform to track maintenance and inspection data. BV Solutions M&O also takes a proactive approach to asset safety, offering risk studies that target cybersecurity, equipment performance and unit structure for alternative designs.

BV Solutions M&O is committed to reaching beyond pure compliance assessments, helping clients meet tomorrow’s challenges with confidence. Building on 190 years of experience, BV Solutions M&O provides collaborative, entrepreneurial solutions to the industry’s most complicated challenges, using its strong culture of service and quality to deliver top-tier solutions. Its in-depth understanding of client challenges ensures customers receive the creative, forward-thinking solutions that allow their assets to perform reliably, efficiently and safely throughout their lifetime.