EXCELERATE ENERGY floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU)


May. 1 2018

As the energy needs of Bangladesh grow, national oil company Petrobangla has turned to Excelerate Energy for a safe and efficient way to access LNG from global markets.

Edward Scott, Excelerate’s COO explains the solution: an innovative floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) positioned off the country’s southeastern coastline.

Edward Scott, Excelerate Energy COO

Edward Scott
Chief Operating Officer, Excelerate Energy

Since its inception in 2003, Texas-based Excelerate has become the world leader in innovative LNG midstream solutions. Coinciding with a global LNG boom, Excelerate’s pioneering usage of FSRUs has revolutionized the way LNG is accessed worldwide. The company develops, permits and installs offshore and near shore regasification facilities to ensure customers’ needs are reliably met. The Moheshkhali Floating LNG (MLNG) is Excelerate’s 13th FSRU project. “It is an essential part of Bangladesh’s plan to meet its future energy demands”, explains Edward Scott.

Excelerate looks to Bureau Veritas to provide valued partnership on the project. “Bureau Veritas has been our classification society from the beginning,says Ed.Since everything we were doing was brand new when we started out, we wanted to take as many variables out of the process as possible, and Bureau Veritas enables us to do that.

Bureau Veritas is also involved in re-classing Excelerate’s FSRUs following relocation. With each move, Bureau Veritas carried out analysis on the FSRUs ahead of process modifications.

Bureau Veritas’s expertise comes into play when we’re looking at innovative ways to increase efficiency or operating characteristics of the ship,explains Ed.We’re always making changes to the designs and capabilities of the vessel to meet the demands of our customers, and having Bureau Veritas as an active participant in that process is extraordinarily helpful. It’s been a great benefit to us to have a classification society that has been flexible and willing to work with us as the market evolves.

Excelerate was also among the first companies to take advantage of Veristar AIM3D, Bureau Veritas’ Asset Integrity Management system powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Dassault Systèmes platform. Built on a complete 3D model of each asset, this digital twin can be used as a common base for all design checking calculations and the tracking of inspection activities and modifications. The system is in use on the MLNG project, giving Excelerate a leg up in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the future.

Photo Credit: Excelerate energy