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Veristar AIM 3D

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore offers a new generation of Asset Life Management solution, Veristar AIM3D, with particular focus on Integrity Management. At the heart of this solution, a 3DEXPERIENCE twin of the asset. Multi-Dimensional (1D to 4D) visualization and data analytics at any level (from unitary items up to the entire asset) is made available to all stakeholders.
Beyond the software functionalities, Veristar AIM3D will serve as a business digital transformation catalyst.
Veristar AIM3D will enable comprehensive condition monitoring of each individual element, with its current or foreseeable degradation, thus enabling better and faster maintenance and repair decisions, therefore saving time and money.

Asset owners, ship managers, and offshore units operators are faced with multiple challenges throughout the lifecycle of their assets. Unique source of truth, easily accessible and trustworthy comes on top. Consolidating data and presenting it in an intuitive format for decision making or to regulators is close behind. Avoiding recreating data through the asset lifecycle and simplifying the way personnel update information systems while doing their work come up too.

  • Veristar AIM3D provides a digital twin of your marine or offshore asset for use throughout its life
  • The centralized management interface of Veristar AIM3D updates automatically and is compatible with multiple software formats

  • Using Veristar AIM3D enables you to anticipate asset issues and optimize your management strategy

  • The tool can be used for marine and offshore assets of every type and age

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Providing an Integrity Management Solution

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore leverages its Veristar AIM3D platform to ensure safety, integrity, compliance and overall performance are maintained and even improved.

Holistic asset management

Veristar AIM3D delivers holistic asset integrity management across six key parameters: safety, business, environment, regulatory compliance, occupational health, and operational performance.

Streamlined data entry

Veristar AIM3D interfaces directly with our calculation tools, as well as ERP, CMMS and DMS software. One-shot workpack documents are rendered obsolete, as the solution enables the detailed preparation of scope of work for each physical intervention on the unit, directly transmitting it to the team on mobile & offline 2D/3D model. Findings and measurements can be introduced directly at the item/component level, eliminating the need to draft an inspection report. The data is then automatically digested by the solution, updating the Digital Twin right where the findings were reported. Automatic anomaly tracking—including corrective action management— is part of the default features of the solution.

Asset Management Throughout Life Cycle

Veristar AIM3D digital twin covers the asset’s entire lifecycle: from design through to inspection and decommissioning. By exporting the 3D model and current unit status to digital analysis software, users can also plan inspections in advance and optimize their asset management strategy.

Up to 2.5m USD of estimated savings on hull structure integrity management for an FPSO, over a 5 year period



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What is Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore

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Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore is the Technical Advisory, Asset Management and Assurance Solutions provider within our Marine & Offshore activities. These services shall be performed independently from Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore regulated activities, such as classification and statutory certification.