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UTM (Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement)

Release Date

Version Number 3.1

Bureau Veritas’ Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) tool safely and accurately reports the measurements of steel thickness on seagoing and inland vessels.

All Bureau Veritas classed vessels are required to undergo a UTM assessment as part of their five-year renewal survey. Shipowners can also request a UTM assessment as part of their Condition Assessment Program (CAP) survey, after which they will receive a structural integrity rating for their vessel. In both cases, our UTM tool provides a PDF-format report that complies with IACS requirements.

  • Perform a mandatory UTM assessment to ensure your vessel’s condition and determine necessary repairs
  • Obtain a CAP rating to illustrate your vessel’s structural integrity
  • Receive an IACS-compliant report that supplements your class reports
  • Ensure your vessels are safe and sea-worthy for crew, operators and charterers

Comply with Bureau Veritas requirements

UTM assessments are mandatory every five years for all Bureau Veritas classed vessels. Our powerful tool detects even marginal steel corrosion, assessing the level of wear-and-tear on a ship and noting areas in need of repair.

Prove your vessel’s structural integrity

When used as part of a CAP survey, our UTM tool allows shipowners to obtain a structural integrity rating for their Mandatory for ships over 15 years old, and suggested for some younger vessels, these measurements allow owners to reassure charterers of their ships’ structural integrity.   

Receive a comprehensive, IACS-compliant report

Our UTM tool provides shipowners with a complete report on their vessels’ steel thickness measurements, including drawings of all measured parts. Presented in the format required by IACS, the report is validated by Bureau Veritas experts and made available to stakeholders as a PDF.