Structural integrity

Offshore Structural Integrity

Optimal structural design is a must for offshore and MRE unit design, enabling to operate safer, longer lasting, and more environmentally friendly assets. This design includes strength, fatigue and dynamic analysis of the hull and its equipment. All our studies are performed with state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis models and can also be compared with onboard measurements performed by our team.

Modern offshore units are built ever-bigger or used for a longer time and are facing more and more complex environmental situations. It poses a challenge to the unit’s structural integrity, and consequently its long-term performance. Asset owners require structurally sound offshore units to ensure staff safety and prevent costly damage resulting from environmental forces.

  • Our technical expertise in offshore unit design assessment via advanced finite element modeling (FEM) software helps optimize your offshore unit’s structure
  • Our customized, client-oriented solutions enable you to achieve specific objectives, such as minimizing unplanned downtime
  • Our advanced software calculations and assessments help clients avoid high vibration levels


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Offshore structure strength analysis

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore verifies your offshore unit’s strength, calculating the maximum static load it can withstand. Our services include static calculations, buckling and ultimate strength assessment, structural analysis of composite and bonded structures, and thermal and thermo mechanical analyses.

Offshore structure fatigue and life extension

To ensure an asset’s fatigue life exceeds its operational life, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore evaluates the offshore unit’s design. We then suggest structural modifications based on fatigue analyses and life extension studies to assess fatigue-related damage.  

Offshore structure dynamic analysis

Our experienced technical experts perform dynamic calculations to evaluate an offshore unit’s structural response to natural wave frequencies and vibration modes. Our services include blast and seismic analyses, and collision and drop objects assessment.

Offshore structure complex non-linear analysis

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore evaluates your unit’s ability to support static loads under a variety of offshore conditions. We perform complex non-linear analyses involving geometric and material non-linearities, to evaluate weaknesses in complex mechanical systems.  


What is Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore

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Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore is the Technical Advisory, Asset Management and Assurance Solutions provider within our Marine & Offshore activities. These services shall be performed independently from Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore regulated activities, such as classification and statutory certification.