Offshore Asset Management

Offshore asset management

Maintaining production availability is a key goal for offshore operators, for whom unplanned interruptions have a major financial impact and potential reputational risk.  In a volatile economic environment, managing operational costs and preserving and extending the life of assets is also increasingly important. Bureau Veritas offers a comprehensive approach to asset management that goes beyond initiatives to improve operating integrity, to help clients achieve true operational excellence.

  • A comprehensive approach to offshore asset management, aligned with the ISO 55000 international standard, that helps you manage your asset portfolio and systems
  • Bureau Veritas helps you achieve your strategic goals, from CAPEX optimization and sustainability planning, to maintaining operational performance and managing costs and risks

  • Bureau Veritas offers strong technical capabilities to help you optimize activity throughout the lifecycle of your assets

  • We provide a fully digitized, collaborative solution that meets the need of asset managers   

Discover VeristarAIM3D, our digital transformation platform for asset management.

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End-to-end asset management

Bureau Veritas is unique in offering offshore operators a complete end-to-end asset management solution. Our strategic service offering for asset managers builds on our technical capabilities in asset integrity management throughout the lifecycle, our historic strength in risk modeling, and our market-leading platform Veristar AIM3D.

Veristar AIM3D: a complete digital solution

VeristarAIM3D, is our new-generation asset management system powered by Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Based on a digital twin of your asset, it acts as a single source of information for asset managers, automatically updating inspection and maintenance data, and offering the ability to simulate the impact of modifications.

An integral part of your asset management approach

Asset managers can integrate VeristarAIM3D with their own planning systems in order to plan shutdowns, optimize maintenance and assess the risk of temporary repairs. The platform provides an up-to-date view of the condition of your asset, without the need for a survey. Operators using VeristarAIM3D for several assets can also compare risks across their portfolio to highlight concerns and optimize performance.

What is Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore

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Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore is the Technical Advisory, Asset Management and Assurance Solutions provider within our Marine & Offshore activities. These services shall be performed independently from Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore regulated activities, such as classification and statutory certification.