Cyber and digital

Cyber class rules and notations

Modern offshore floating units and offshore service vessels are increasingly dependent on digital systems to ensure availability, reduce downtime, and assure maintenance.

By consequence, offshore units’ critical systems are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks. Continued reliance on legacy systems and greater digitalization in oil and gas exploration has exacerbated this vulnerability. By assessing and updating their cyber safety and security measures, asset owners can mitigate the risks to which their offshore units are exposed.

As the only classification society to offer these notations for cybersecurity, owners can benefit from Bureau Veritas’ expert approach to cybersecurity in offshore units.   

Industrial operations, such as oil and gas exploration, are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. This is because offshore units use centralized, digitally-controlled systems, for which availability is paramount. To avoid unplanned disruptions, asset owners must maintain the integrity and resilience of their critical systems with a holistic approach to cybersecurity. 

Key benefits

  • Our robust portfolio of cyber security assurance services enables you to identify, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks
  • Our expertly trained team of cybersecurity specialists responds quickly and efficiently to your security needs
  • Bureau Veritas benefits from strong partnerships with external providers that ensure your access to leading cybersecurity solutions


Cyber MANAGED Notation

Bureau Veritas’ Cyber MANAGED notation is strengthening digital protection for all types of units and offshore service vessels. Cyber MANAGED provides a comprehensive cybersecurity check for assets that undergo manually-performed digital systems reviews. With this notation, owners can rest assured that all cyber systems are fully protected, procedures are in place, risks have been flagged for resolution and personnel have received training. 

Cyber SECURE Notation

Bureau Veritas’ Cyber SECURE notation was created to protect the digital systems of newbuildings with in-depth, automated onboard and onshore cybersecurity mechanisms. Cyber SECURE ensures that all automatic security checks, system updates and new software installations are carried out safely and successfully.

Certification of equipment and security solutions

To obtain a Cyber SECURE notation, assets owners must undertake a review of their units’ equipment and security solutions. With help from Bureau Veritas experts, owners can rest assured that all their equipment and security solutions meet Bureau Veritas Cyber SECURE requirements.

SW Registry Notation

With SW-Registry notation, asset owners can manage software changes and track new installations. SW-Registry requires units to create and maintain a register of certified software, and is a mandatory notation for newbuilds. By obtaining SW-Registry notation from Bureau Veritas, asset owners can achieve compliance with IACS UR E22, and ensure their units’ cybersecurity.  


To protect the data exchange of onboard and onshore systems, asset owners can obtain the voluntary SYS-COM notation. SYS-COM helps owners identify key cybersecurity risks and improve protections for their digital and communication systems.


Are you cyber resilient?

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