Cyber-security background

Cyber Class Rules and Notations

With the rise in connectivity and digitalization, vessels’ onboard and onshore systems are increasingly at risk for cybercrime.

Cyber safety and security measures enable ship operators to assess and manage the risks to which their data and digital systems are exposed. As the only classification society to offer these kind of notations, Bureau Veritas provides a unique, holistic approach to asset protection from shore to ship and vice versa.   

Ships’ onboard and offshore systems receive, relay and collect an enormous amount of privileged information on a daily basis. While connected systems offer many benefits, including real-time data reception and remote access for maintenance, a single security breach can expose volumes of private data. To prevent unauthorized access, ship operators must continuously define their security needs, and assess the reliability of their security solutions.

Key benefits

  • Bureau Veritas Solutions’ robust portfolio of cyber security services helps clients identify and prevent cyber threats
  • Our team of cyber security specialists offers a quick response to security concerns
  • Our partnerships with external providers ensure clients benefit from leading solutions for cybersecurity


Cyber MANAGED Notation

Bureau Veritas is strengthening cyber protection with its Cyber MANAGED notation. A bold step on the journey to comprehensive cyber security, Cyber MANAGED is designed for in-service vessels that undergo regular, manually-operated cybersecurity checks. With this notation, shipowners can rest assured that all onboard systems have been assessed, procedures are in place, risks have been flagged for resolution and personnel have received training.

Cyber SECURE Notation

For newbuilds with in-depth, automated onboard and onshore cybersecurity mechanisms, Bureau Veritas has created the Cyber SECURE notation. By obtaining a Cyber SECURE notation, shipowners can ensure that all automatic digital updates, procedures and system checks are well protected and functioning correctly.

Certification for equipment and security solutions

To obtain a Cyber SECURE notation, owners must undergo a review of their vessels’ equipment and security solutions. Our experts ensure that all equipment and security solutions meet Bureau Veritas Cyber SECURE requirements before the notation is issued.    

Cyber requirements for product installed onboard naval vessels

Bureau Veritas helps naval ship owners navigate requirements for manufacturers and suppliers throughout the supply chain. Our experts provide Statements of Compliance that ensure all parts and products meet the cyber security standards for naval ships receiving this notation.

SW Registry Notation

The SW-Registry Notation focuses on software change management, ensuring that new installations are properly tracked. SW-Registry is obligatory for newbuilds and recommended for in-service ships, as it requires the creation and maintenance of a certified software register. With Bureau Veritas’ SW-Registry notation, owners can comply with IACS UR E22 and ensure their vessels’ cyber security.


SYS-COM is a voluntary notation that protects the exchange of data between onboard and onshore systems. With SYS-COM, shipowners can identify key cyber security risks and improve protections for digital ship data and communication systems.

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