Ballast Water Management (BWM)

Ballast Water Management (BWM)

Ships run the risk of carrying invasive aquatic species across the ocean, posing a threat to marine ecosystems. The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water & Sediments (BWM Convention) was introduced to address this issue. The regulation aims to stop the spread of harmful species, by requiring all vessels that carry ballast water (including merchant ships, submersibles and floating offshore energy structures) to implement management plans and improve treatment systems.

Strict convention standards for ballast water and sediment management place demands on vessel owners and operators. To protect marine eco-systems, ships must be equipped with BWM systems that curb the spread of harmful organisms. To this end, new and old vessels require assessments to identify areas for improvement in their design, equipment, and treatment systems that will prevent ballast water-based pollution.  

  • Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore helps you understand the BWM Convention, including different requirements for new and existing ships
  • We support you to achieve and maintain compliance through an approved BWM Plan
  • We renew ship certificates and provide support for subsequent surveys   
  • We help you deliver training in ballast water management to all crew members

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Support with developing a Ballast Water Management Plan

To comply with the BWM Convention, ship owners must establish a Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP) and Ballast Water Management System (BWMS). Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore provides support for developing BWMPs relating to structure, stability and machinery, enabling you to choose the most appropriate BWMS for each vessel.

Technical assistance for applying guidelines and assessing risk

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore provides technical support to help manufacturers meet IMO guidelines. This includes feasibility and engineering studies, verification of plans, installation and operation. As some BWMS use active substances (i.e., chemical treatment) to process ballast water, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore also assists ship owners in assessing the risk posed by these systems.

Delivering certification and coordinating surveys

Upon completion of the BWM process, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore awards the International Ballast Water Management Certificate, which remains valid for five years. Additionally, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore coordinates annual, intermediate and renewal surveys to ensure all plans, systems and equipment continue to function as designed.

7,000 aquatic species travel in ballast tanks
10 billion metric tons of ballast water move around the world each year
5 years validity for a BWM certificate

What is Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore

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Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore is the Technical Advisory, Asset Management and Assurance Solutions provider within our Marine & Offshore activities. These services shall be performed independently from Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore regulated activities, such as classification and statutory certification.