Assurance Surveys

Assurance Surveys

For offshore facilities, effective risk management and operational procedures are essential. Well-defined procedures can help offshore managers ensure safety, avoid costly accidents, and extend operating life.

Assurance surveys by Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore provide offshore operators with reassurance that their procedures are correct and capable of managing the risks associated with operating and/or reactivating their offshore units. Marine assurance services also provide informed solutions, which help unit operators and onboard managers define and improve procedures to better manage the myriad risks associated with offshore operations.

Well-designed procedures are key to the safe operation of offshore assets. To avoid costly incidents, operators and managers of offshore units need reassurance that their operational and risk management procedures are comprehensive, relevant and precise. In the case of reactivating laid-up column stabilized and self-elevating drilling rigs, having defined procedures is paramount for unit operators looking to best manage potential risks. 

  • Our in-depth knowledge of offshore assurance ensures your procedures are safe and comply with industry-wide best practices
  • Our high-quality assurance surveys provide expert assessments of your procedures
  • Our industry-leading reactivation assessments help prepare your laid-up offshore facilities for class survey
  • Our global presence provides unrivaled access to an extensive pool of experts who can provide worldwide assistance. 


A range of available solutions

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore provides a range of critical offshore assurance services to clients, including: marine assurance, vessel logistics, simultaneous operations, production of joint operations manuals, failure investigation, safety surveys, condition surveys, risk assessments, on/off hire inspections, regulatory gap analysis, and tanker terminal offloading.

Procedure inspection and review

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore audits existing procedures for operations carried out onboard and within a 500-meter range of your offshore unit. We undertake gap analyses of operating manuals and procedures, reviewing them against industry standards, and we assist clients in defining and improving procedures to better manage risk.

Reactivation guidance

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore inspects offshore units which have been laid-up, to prepare them for class surveys. We conduct reactivation assessments according to company guidelines and standard industry criteria, with the option of inspection to individual charterer or contract specifications.

What is Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore

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Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore is the Technical Advisory, Asset Management and Assurance Solutions provider within our Marine & Offshore activities. These services shall be performed independently from Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore regulated activities, such as classification and statutory certification.