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Marshall Islands - Australian maritime safety authority position on the International oil pollution prevention certificate

Jun. 21 2017

Copy of this MSA to be placed on board when calling Australian ports

Convention : GENERAL

Flag : Marshall Islands

Ship type : ALL TYPES

Though Australia will not de-harmonize International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) Certificates from the Harmonized System for Survey and Certification (HSSC), the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has announced that it will accept foreign-flagged ships, arriving in Australia, with de-harmonized IOPP and HSSC Certificates, provided the vessel’s flag Administration has allowed the de-harmonization .

This Marine Safety Advisory (MSA) confirms the position of the RMI that its Administrator allows such de-harmonization, if elected by the ship owners or operators. 
For any ship that has de-harmonized the IOPP Certificate, the Administrator encourages owners and operators to place a copy of this MSA on board when calling at Australian ports. 

The Marine Safety Advisory is attached below for further information